How to Talk to Your Significant Other about ED

How to Talk to Your Significant Other about ED

If you are seeking ED therapy in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles, san Diego, or Orange County areas, you likely may be hesitant to address this topic with your significant other. The topic of intimacy in the bedroom can be a tricky subject to talk about, especially if things aren’t going exactly as expected. Addressing erectile dysfunction can be awkward and uncomfortable for not only men but for the couple as a whole. This is a problem that has as much of an impact on the relationship as it does the individual. So, is there a proper way to approach this topic?

It’s Not Because He’s Not Turned On

Men may feel a sense of embarrassment if they cannot perform in the bedroom, and women may instantly feel self-conscious and blame themselves for not being attractive enough. “Trying harder” to work through your problem is not going to fix anything. It is important to note that ED is an unfortunate reality that many men face, but no one should be blamed for their medical condition.

Be Open and Honest

Pretending that ED doesn’t exist in your relationship is not going to help solve the problem. It is important to have an open, honest relationship regarding ED and what can be done to solve it. Talk to your partner about seeking ED therapy from one of LaSara’s erectile dysfunction centers in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County areas.

Keep in mind that ED doesn’t need to define the relationship, and it is only a speed bump that can be overcome! If you are determined to find a solution to your ED, contact LaSara Medical Group to get started! We have options including acoustic wave therapy for ED, treatment for angiogenesis in the penis, and other male enhancement therapy.