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About LaSara

LaSara Medical Group specializes in helping men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). We offer our patients the latest in ED treatment, known as low intensity focused shockwave therapy. As pioneers of this treatment, we’ve seen unimaginable results and have treated more men than any clinic in our region.

Focused shockwave therapy is the only clinically studied medical treatment that is known to reverse ED for the long-term. The foremost advanced medical communities around the world consider it to be the potential medical answer of rehabilitating or even curing ED. Since 2003, successful use throughout Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia, as well as numerous studies have proven the efficacy and long-term benefits of focused shockwave therapy.

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As a specialty men’s clinic, our goal is to provide a safe, drug free, surgery free, and needle free solution that treats the root cause of ED. As a result of being treated by LaSara Medical Group, our patient’s natural functionality is restored and they are able to partake in spontaneous sexual activities again. The way a man’s sex life is meant to be.

In addition to providing the most cutting-edge treatment option for ED, our clinic provides a safe, discreet environment for our patients. Our professional, all male medical staff is committed to providing a medical experience that surpasses all patient expectations.

Our team at LaSara Medical Group hopes you take the first step in beginning your path back to natural functionality by giving us a call to schedule your first time visit with the doctor. We look forward to helping you the same way we’ve helped so many men before you. Learn more

Three Steps To Get Started

Our Process

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    Contact Us

    Schedule your new patient appointment by calling us or using our website.

    A completely private and confidential experience.

  • 02.

    Office Visit
    & Physical Evaluation

    Assess specific condition, severity, and medical history in a discrete office environment with a male doctor.

    Simple, non-invasive blood flow and nerve sensitivity test.

    Doctor will write treatment prescription after evaluation.

  • 03.

    Treatment Program

    LaSara's protocol consists of 12 treatments to ensure maximum results. 6 treatments to be completed over 3 to 6 weeks of time. We then wait for 90 days for new blood vessels to grow and the penile tissue to be repaired. After 90 days, 6 more treatments are completed. Pain free and non-invasive. No pills, no needles, no surgery. Natural functionality restored.

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Men's Health

"A study published in the journal of Therapeutic Advances in Urology concluded that low intensity shock-wave treatment aimed outside the body 'is a revolutionary treatment of ED and probably possesses unprecedented qualities that can rehabilitate erectile tissue.'”

Men's Health Magazine

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Why LaSara Medical?

Client Testimonials

  • Charles, Age 55

    The team at LaSara asked me to provide a review once I got results, so here I am. No better way to say it than, I am back in action! Great experience all around. Especially appreciated the doctors time. Getting this thing in order helped me improve other aspect of my health. Lost 20 pounds and started eating better.

  • Mike, Age 72

    Staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Doctor made me feel very comfortable and listened to my needs. Starting to see early results from treatment. Office nice, ESPN on, felt comfortable.

Do not waste time, call us at 866.896.2395 or Schedule Your Appointment Today!

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