Shockwave Therapy vs. Acoustic Wave for ED: Not All Shockwave Therapy is the Same

Shockwave therapy isn’t new. This innovative approach for erectile dysfunction (ED) has been providing men with long-term relief for over ten years now. Unlike traditional methods, including oral medications, injection therapy, and vacuum devices, this solution works by treating ED at its source: Improving blood flow to the penis. 

Unfortunately, the proven success of shockwave therapy has led many providers to start offering “wave” treatments for ED with untested devices and energy levels — and they don’t come with accurate research to back up their claims.

As a specialty men’s clinic dedicated to treating the root causes of ED, here’s what our LaSara Medical Group team wants you to know about erectile dysfunction and shockwave therapy treatments.

Understanding erectile dysfunction

ED is an incredibly common problem, affecting an estimated 50% of men between 40-70. You can develop erectile dysfunction for a variety of reasons, but a leading cause is blood vessel and soft tissue degeneration, or vascular problems in the penis.

To achieve and maintain a satisfying erection, you need to have a healthy blood flow to your penis. If the arteries in the area can’t open properly during moments of arousal, it interferes with blood flow to your penis, which causes ED symptoms or impotence.

Fortunately, focused and linear shockwave therapy can restore the natural health and function of the blood vessels and soft tissue in your penis, and in turn, restore your sexual vitality.

How shockwave therapy for ED works

True shockwave therapy produces single pulses of energy that travel faster than the speed of sound, or at least 1,500 meters per second. That’s the equivalent of 15 football fields. As a result, this powerful form of energy can trigger the neovascularization process, which produces new and healthy blood vessels. 

During shockwave therapy for ED, we deliver this focused and concentrated energy to areas in your penis with poor blood flow. The speed of the energy enables it to pass harmlessly through your outer erectile tissues, penetrating deep inside where blood vessel and soft tissue degeneration exists. This consistent and focused exposure to these energy levels activates the growth of new blood vessels and tissue in the area on a cellular level. 

Our shockwave therapy treatments take 25-30 minutes, don’t require numbing creams or anesthesia, and are completely painless.

The problem with inferior “acoustic wave” treatments for ED

Unfortunately, many providers now offer ED treatments using untested devices with inadequate energy levels that don’t provide the same results as shockwave therapy. This includes shockwave therapy for ed at home. It’s easy to identify these procedures because they often have the term “wave” in their name, like:

  • Acoustic wave 
  • Acoustic pressure wave
  • Radial wave

That’s because providers usually use acoustic wave devices or radial pressure wave devices in these treatments. But, this is not the same as shockwave technology. While wave treatments are classified as medical devices, their ratings with the FDA are similar to those of vibrators, and they don’t require any medical training to operate.

When you receive true shockwave therapy, the device used during your procedure has an FDA Class 111 rating. This means it requires pre-market approval, clinical documentation proving its safety and effectiveness, and can only be used by a medical professional in approved ways.

Shockwave Therapy vs. Acoustic Wave for ED: What Sets Shockwave Apart

It’s easy to confuse acoustic wave therapy with shockwave therapy because they both create sound waves. However, acoustic waves only travel 10 meters per second — compared to the 1,500 meters per second seen with focused shockwaves. Therefore, acoustic wave therapy doesn’t come anywhere near breaking the sound barrier, which is required to trigger the neovascularization process at a cellular level.

Plus, since acoustic waves don’t have enough energy, they only create surface pressure, like having a vibratory massage. That means they never penetrate the surface of your skin to reach the damaged tissue inside your penis, causing your ED symptoms. Instead, you experience redness and discomfort on the surface of your penis, with little to no change in your erections. It’s also why these treatments usually require numbing cream and anesthesia.

True shockwave treatments also come with considerable research showing proven clinical results.

To learn more about shockwave therapy for ED, contact us by calling our offices in Tustin, San Diego, or Los Angeles, California, or by requesting an appointment online today.