Shockwave Therapy for ED At Home: Do Home Shockwave Machines Work?

If you have erectile dysfunction and you are seeking help to overcome it, be prepared to be subjected to the many scams claiming to “cure” or “reverse” your ED.

Sadly, we live in a world where we can no longer take all doctors for their word. But we also live in a world where information and research sit just a few clicks away. It is LaSara Medical Group’s advice that you do your due diligence to fact check the many claims that revolve around treating erectile dysfunction

In this blog, we will use facts to shed light on the most recent and growing scam in Men’s Sexual Health… that be the scam of “at home ED treatment devices” or “at home shockwave device for ED treatment.”

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What are the false claims about shockwave therapy home treatment devices?

  1. At home treatment devices are the same as a shockwave device used in a medical clinic
  2. The research of shockwave therapy used the same energy as “at home treatment devices”
  3. Acoustic wave devices are the same as shockwave devices 

Fact Check: At home treatment devices are the same as a shockwave device used in a medical clinic.

The answer is NO. A very firm NO. At home devices are most definitely not the same as a true shockwave device used by physicians in a clinical and research setting.

The first problem with this statement is shockwave devices are Class III medical devices that come with FDA regulations which control the distribution and use of these devices. In order to acquire a real shockwave device for medical treatment, you must first be a licensed physician. 

Shockwave as an energy is an amazing tool for many medical problems, but it also holds a lot of power and can cause harm to the body if used incorrectly. In the simplest explanation, there are three levels of intensity for shockwaves – low, moderate, and high. Each of these levels triggers a different response in the body. The lower the setting the more therapeutic the response and the higher the setting the more destructive. Low intensity draws nutrients and blood flow to the treatment area, while high intensity can be used to break down kidney stones or other calcification.

For this reason, it is nearly impossible to acquire or sell a real shockwave device to the general public. Any device for at home use that claims to be a real shockwave is nothing more than a lie.

In fact, one of the at home treatment device providers who sells their device for over $1,000 has simply private labeled an ultrasound device that can be purchased for $150 from Walmart. Here’s the product:

Fact Check: The research of shockwave therapy used the same energy as the “at home treatment devices.”

Again… NO. Sadly, each at home treatment device is being presented with the research of shockwave therapy, but at home devices do not emit real shockwaves. Shockwave therapy was originally studied for treating ED in 2010. Dr. Yoram Vardi of Israel first studied the use of a “focused shockwave” to reverse the vascular decay in the penis.  This focused energy penetrates the skin of the penis with repeated single shocks. This energy is what triggers the growth of new blood vessels and the regeneration of soft tissue inside the Corpus Cavernosum. The shockwave energy is typically measured between .1 and .25 mj/mm2. These energy levels are considered low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy.

To date, no other type of energy has been used in the research of treating vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

If you are sitting at home reading this blog and holding your at home treatment device, please try to identify a setting that allows you to measure the intensity of that energy with mj/mm2. Unfortunately, you will not be able to because shockwave devices are not sold to the general public because it is unsafe and against the law. Plus, they cost about $50,000.

Fact Check: Acoustic wave devices are the same as shockwave devices.

No. This is not true. If you take the time to dig a little deeper into the differences of acoustic wave therapy vs. shockwave therapy, you will find two truths; 1) they are two different types of energy and 2) the therapeutic response the body experiences with each energy is drastically different.

Furthermore, in every piece of research there is a section called “materials and methods.” This section will name the exact device used in the research and even list the level of energy used during treatment. On page 6 of this metanalysis, 134018.pdf, you will find the great majority of studies used a focused shockwave device. Not a single one of them used an ultrasound or acoustic wave device regardless of what the “at home device” companies claim. If you have purchased an at home device, you have experienced a bait and switch.  

To learn more, you can visit this link to watch a short video that details the differences of energy:

Or feel free to read The Art of Shockwave: Physics and Technology. This independent review speaks to the differences of energy and why it is important. 133854.pdf.

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