Shockwave Therapy For Peyronie’s Disease: Is It the Remedy?

When you have Peyronie’s disease, you have a type of scar tissue, known as plaque, which forms inside your penis. As this plaque builds up, it starts pulling on nearby tissue, causing your penis to develop a curve. For most men, this bend is most visible during an erection and can cause intense pain, making sexual intercourse painful, difficult, or even impossible.

Men of all ages can develop Peyronie’s disease, but it’s most common as you grow older, especially once you reach your 50s and 60s. While 1 in 100 men have an official Peyronie’s disease diagnosis, researchers believe that actual numbers are much higher — closer to 1 in 10 men.

At LaSara Medical Group, Dr. Michael DeYoung and our team understand the impact Peyronie’s disease can have on your sexual health and self-confidence. As specialists in men’s sexual health, we offer several of Peyronie’s disease treatments, including shockwave therapy.

Recognizing Peyronie’s disease

First, having a curved erection doesn’t mean you have Peyronie’s disease, especially if it’s always had a bend. It’s completely normal to have a penis with a curved shape.

When you have Peyronie’s disease, the scar tissue in your penis can cause a variety of symptoms that appear gradually or quickly. Common signs of Peyronie’s disease include: 

  • Pain, with or without an erection
  • A significant curve upward, downward, or to the side
  • Flat lumps or bands of scar tissue that you can feel under the skin of your penis
  • A shortened penis
  • Other penile deformities while erect, like indentations or an hourglass shape

Without treatment, Peyronie’s disease can also cause erectile dysfunction, infertility, and negatively impact your intimate relationships.

How shockwave therapy can help improve Peyronie’s disease

Shockwave therapy may sound scary, but this treatment is generally quick, easy, and painless. As a professional provider, we are providing a service that is far superior to shockwave therapy for ed at home.

When you have shockwave therapy for Peyronie’s disease, we put a handpiece against the affected area of your penis and use sonic gel to transmit single pulses of energy. This process helps produce new blood vessels in the site and breaks up plaque, which helps increase blood flow in the area.

Shockwave therapy usually takes between 25-30 minutes and doesn’t require any anesthesia or numbing cream. At the most, you might feel a mild tingling or buzzing sensation throughout the entire treatment.

To help you reach the best results, we might recommend a series of 12 treatments spread out over six weeks. Learn more about how long shockwave therapy for ED lasts.

For more information on shockwave therapy and Peyronie’s disease, contact us by calling one of our convenient locations in the Sawtelle neighborhood of Los Angeles, Encinitas, San Diego, or Tustin, California, or by booking online today.