What You Need to Know About Semaglutide for Weightloss

If the combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet is not resulting in significant weight loss, it might be time to seek further assistance. Every weight loss journey is different and usually involves commitment and strategy. But while there aren’t any shortcuts to achieving your desired weight, some helpful tools can take the guesswork out of shedding pounds. LaSara Medical Group proudly offers Semaglutide injections as an FDA-approved treatment for weight management. If you are curious to uncover the exciting truth behind Semaglutide’s newfound popularity or have questions about its effectiveness, you have come to the right place. Keep reading below to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Semaglutide. 

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is currently getting recognized for its ability to help with weight loss, but not just a weight loss drug. It has been available on the market since 2017, and people were initially using Semaglutide as a medication for type 2 diabetes under the brand name Ozempic. However, prescribers quickly realized that Semaglutide resulted in weight loss in diabetic patients, so it was sent into FDA trials to be approved for weight loss therapy. 

Since then, Semaglutide has been FDA-approved and clinically proven to be effective in helping clients lose weight. Semaglutide works by mimicking a hormone that naturally occurs in the body to help you lose weight in as little as a few weeks. So if you are looking to shed stubborn pounds, Semaglutide could help you get there. 

How Does Semaglutide Work?

Semaglutide belongs to a class of medications called glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists, or GLP-1 receptor agonists for short. GLP 1 is a hormone produced by the body once it detects the presence of food in the stomach. This means that when you eat, your body starts producing GLP-1 and sends it through the receptors in the pancreas, the heart, the intestines, and the brain, suggesting that you have just eaten. 

Medications that belong to the GLP-1 group mimic the hormone that is naturally produced by the body and help increase insulin levels, decrease blood sugar, and promote the feeling of fullness. Semaglutide is 94% similar to the GLP-1 produced by our body and, when administered by injection, will circulate through the body in the same way as the natural hormone – slowing down gastric emptying and allowing you to feel fuller for longer and with fewer calories. 

How Soon Can You See Results?

There are no treatments that can provide immediate weight loss. However, according to reports from happy customers, you can expect to see weight loss results from Semaglutide within a few weeks. According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, you can experience a more than 2% reduction in your body weight after the first 4 weeks of taking Semaglutide. In this study, the patients lost an average of 14.9% of their body weight during the 68 weeks of taking Semaglutide. Of course, your specific results will depend on your genetics, overall health, and exercise regime. The same studies have shown that many patients were able to lose up to 28% of their body weight. That is why LaSara Medical Group’s knowledgeable staff is ready to advise you on your expected weight loss trajectory at your consultation appointment. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Semaglutide Treatment?

If you want to look and feel your best, innovative treatments like Semaglutide could push your body to get there. Finding out if you are a good candidate for Semaglutide treatments is easy. LaSara Medical Group’s skilled physicians can help you determine whether Semaglutude treatment is right for you. Generally, Semaglutide is an appropriate weight treatment for those who:

  • Have received an overweight or obesity diagnosis
  • Have been unsuccessful in losing weight with diet and exercise alone
  • Have a weight-related medical condition like high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure
  • If you have a body mass index of over 30, or BMI of 27 with a serious medical condition
  • Struggle with food cravings and are unable to sustain a healthy lifestyle 

Semaglutide is administered with a weekly injection. Your LaSara Medical Group provider will show you how to perform this easy subcutaneous injection in the comfort of your own home.

Semaglutide Benefits

Semaglutide is an extremely popular weight loss medication and is the acting ingredient in brand-name medications like Ozempic and Wegovy. Although Semaglutide is predominantly known for facilitating weight loss and treating type 2 diabetes and obesity, it has a long list of other benefits. Effects of Semaglutide include:

  • Increases Insulin levels
  • Decreases blood sugar levels
  • Slows down digestion
  • Reduces the amount on sugar released into the blood
  • Lowers risk of heart attack (in people with type 2 diabetes)
  • Lowers risk of stroke (in people with type 2 diabetes)
  • Reduces the chance of pre-diabetics becoming type 2 diabetic by 60%

Semaglutide is often combined with a healthy diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise for best results. 

Are There Side Effects?

Introducing a new substance to your body can be scary to some people. Still, it helps to know that since Semaglutide is so similar to the body’s hormone, it is not likely to cause any serious side effects. You will be pleased to find out that participants in Semaglutide clinical trials reported only mild side effects that diminished over time as their bodies got used to Semaglutide and were not difficult to manage. Some mild common side effects may include vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. More serious side effects can include skin rash and heart palpitations. 

Semaglutide: Weight Loss Medication at LaSara Medical Group

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