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Focused Shockwave Therapy

Many men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. But advances in technology have brought about an innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction. It’s called low-intensity focused shockwave therapy, and it uses therapeutic shockwaves to stimulate a neovascularization, also known as new blood vessel growth.

The majority of erectile dysfunction cases stem from a vascular disorder or poor blood flow. The inability to achieve an erection begins to occur when the blood vessels prematurely harden and are unable to widen and receive a sufficient amount of blood to achieve and maintain a full and rigid erection. This is the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

By stimulating the shaft of the penis and crura with focused shockwaves, the process of blood vessel growth begins to occur. With new and healthy blood vessels, blood flow can easily enter into the penis when a man is aroused allowing for a firm erection that can be sustained.

Why LaSara’s low intensity focused shockwave therapy?

One of the biggest benefits of focused shockwave therapy is the simplicity and safety of treatment sessions. Other potential treatments for ED like pills carry the risk of potentially harmful side effects. Focused shockwave therapy has no side effects to date and is the only medical treatment that has the ability to reverse a man’s ED.

Who is it for?

Any man with vascular erectile dysfunction is a candidate for focused shockwave therapy. The #1 goal of this treatment is getting a man back to having a natural and spontaneous sex life. The treatment is great for people who have not responded to pharmaceutical remedies or are experiencing negative side effects. Whether your ED is mild, severe, or anywhere in between, focused shockwave therapy can help.

Additionally, some men use focused shockwave therapy for sexual performance enhancement to increase firmness and sensation. It can also be used as a preventative care to ED.

What is the Treatment Like?

The focused shockwave therapy treatment is quick and easy. It is an outpatient procedure, so you’ll be able to get back into your day as soon as it’s done. The medical staff will position the machine over the crura and penile shaft. They will adjust the position of the machine during treatment to ensure the most vital anatomy possible is treated.

The entire office visit takes about 30 minutes for each treatment session. Our protocol consists of 12 treatments to ensure maximum results. Each patient starts with 6 treatments to be completed over 3 to 6 weeks of time. We then wait 3 to 5 weeks to give the body time to grow new blood vessels and repair the penile tissue. Each patient has the chance to do a second round of 6 treatments after the 3 to 5 week waiting period or anytime over the following 12 months. This treatment strategy has proven to produce the absolute greatest chance of success.

Does it work?

Yes, focused shockwave therapy has become the “Gold Standard” in treating ED in Europe, Canada, Asia, and many other medically advanced communities. The Therapeutic Advances in Urology Journal has determined that the goal of potentially rehabilitating or curing ED could probably be met by focused shockwave therapy.

Our patients’ success can confirm the efficacy, safety, and proven results of focused shockwave therapy. Visit our testimonials page to watch videos of our real patients.

Before & After Erectile Dysfunction TherapyBefore & After Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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