Restore Penile Sensitivity & Regain Satisfaction

Penile Sensitivity Regeneration in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, CA

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Men face unique challenges when it comes to their sexual health. So, if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from decreased penile sensitivity, you are not alone. A decrease in penile sensitivity can result in less sexual satisfaction and difficulty orgasming, which can be frustrating for both you and your partner.

Lifestyle habits, sedentary living, unhealthy diet, and underlying health conditions can all contribute to a decrease in penile sensitivity. Fortunately, modern-day treatments can help you regain sensitivity and get back to feeling more yourself. LaSara Medical Group offers penile sensitivity regeneration services for men looking to restore and improve their sexual health.

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What is Penile Sensitivity Regeneration?

The sensitivity in your penis comes from a variety of factors. The penis is stimulated and supplied by a nerve called the pudendal nerve and the nerve fibers in your skin. The skin on your penis is similar to the skin on the rest of your body. However, it is much thinner, which makes it more sensitive. Age, certain medications, and various lifestyle conditions can all cause a decrease in penile sensitivity.

Penile sensitivity regeneration at LaSara Medical Group utilizes low intensity focused shockwave therapy to help restore penile sensitivity. Shockwave therapy uses single pulses of energy directed at a targeted area to increase blood flow. The shockwaves help create new blood vessels, increasing blood flow and improving sensitivity. Additionally, shockwave therapy shows promising results in regenerating nerves and improving the quality and intensity of sensation.

Benefits of Penile Sensitivity Regeneration

Focused shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that provides lasting results. Benefits of SWT for penile sensitivity regeneration include:

  • Non-invasive
  • Pain-free
  • Regenerates nerves
  • Helps improve retarded ejaculation
  • Improved orgasm
  • Long term effects
  • Stronger erections

Are You a Candidate for Penile Sensitivity Regeneration?

Low intensity focused shockwave therapy is an effective and safe treatment for penile sensitivity regeneration. If you are looking to restore and improve sensitivity and reinvigorate your sexual health, penile sensitivity regeneration treatment is right for you. While safe for most men, shockwave therapy may not be right for individuals with the following:

  • Blood clotting disorder (Thrombosis)
  • Penile tumors
  • Skin infection or abrasions
  • Taking a high dose of oral anti-coagulants

FAQs About Penile Sensitivity Regeneration

Shockwave therapy is administered by your provider at LaSara Medical Group, and the appointments are generally quick and easy, usually lasting between 25-30 minutes. When you visit LaSara Medical Group for shockwave therapy, you’ll be asked to disrobe and sit on the exam table. Then, the shockwave handpiece is slid along the shaft of the penis, the penile glans, and crura. We use a sonic gel to transmit the painless shockwave energy.

Men don’t typically find the process painful at all and don’t need anesthesia or any type of numbing cream. They often only report feeling a slight tingling sensation during the procedure.

Shockwave therapy has been helping men around the world improve their sexual wellness since 2009. The long-term effects it provides make it a remarkable yet non-invasive and safe treatment option.

Get Back to Feeling More Like Yourself

At LaSara Medical Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by men. With offices in Los Angeles, Tustin, and San Diego, our highest priority is to help you get back to feeling more like yourself. Penile sensitivity regeneration at LaSara Medical Group is a safe and effective way to increase penile sensitivity and improve your sexual wellness. If you are interested in learning more about our shockwave therapy treatments, schedule a consultation with us today!