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Sometimes oral medication is all you need to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), but in some cases, men can benefit from applying the medication directly to their penis. Intracavernous injections may seem intimidating, but they’re also one of the most effective methods of treating erectile dysfunction. The team at LaSara Medical Group in the Sawtelle neighborhood of Los Angeles and Tustin, California and Encinitas, San Diego, specializes in proven treatments for ED such as intracavernous injection therapy. To learn more, schedule a consultation online or by phone today.

Intracavernous Injection Therapy Q & A

What is intracavernous injection therapy?



While many men are able to treat their erectile dysfunction with oral medication, intracavernous injections remain a popular solution as well. Intracavernous injections have been used as a treatment for ED since the 1980s and offer immediate results with a sterling 95% rate of effectiveness in treating the condition.

An intracavernous injection delivers a combination medication directly into your penis. You perform the injection yourself, usually about 10-15 minutes before intercourse, and you can learn to administer these injections in as little as one office visit.

While many men don’t like the thought of injections directly into the penis, the dependable results far outweigh the momentary discomfort of the injection.


How does an intracavernous injection work?

The injection itself is made up of a combination of medications that work together to relax smooth muscle and open the blood vessels in the penis. The tissue that actually causes you to gain an erection is a muscle, and delivering this medication directly into the muscle can be an effective treatment for even the most severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

The injection must be administered to a certain location on the penis to be effective, and to avoid damaging the nerves and blood vessels. Your provider at LaSara Medical Group helps you learn exactly how to administer these injections to maximize their effectiveness and avoid any damage to the surrounding tissue.

You may also be asked to report on the injections and their effectiveness to your doctor, so they can help adjust your dosage to the perfect amount. Do not adjust your dosage without consulting your doctor and never mix intracavernous injections with oral erectile dysfunction medication. 


Are there any side effects with intracavernous injections?

When performed correctly, there are few, if any, side effects to intracavernous injections. While there were once concerns that repeated injections could cause liver toxicity, retrospective studies have shown these concerns to be unfounded. Scar tissue buildup was also once a concern, as was priapism, or unwanted, long-term erections, but these issues can also be avoided by using the correct injection procedure you learn from your provider at LaSara Medical Group. 

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your ability to achieve an erection, schedule a consultation at LaSara Medical Group online or by phone today.