Adonis Peptide Protocol

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Adonis is the all encompassing epitalon peptide protocol for the man who wants to maximize his physical and sexual performance.

This formula combines four powerful peptides designed to keep you strong, lean, and active.


Inject 20 units subcutaneously into the abdomen or buttocks in the evening. Use Monday to Friday and have weekends off. One month supply of Adonis provides 20 individual doses.


Adonis Peptide Protocol in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, CA

Many men, regardless of their age, experience the unwanted effects of low testosterone. Although testosterone levels tend to decline gradually with age, they can also be affected by injuries, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse, chemotherapy, certain medications, and genetics.

No matter the cause, low testosterone levels can bring with them unpleasant symptoms like irritability, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, decreased muscle mass, low sex drive, and fatigue. Fortunately, Peptide Protocols, like the Adonis Epitalon & Testosterone Peptide Protocol at LaSara Medical Group, can help regulate testosterone levels, improve overall health, and produce long-lasting results without serious side effects.

What is Adonis Peptide Protocol?

Peptide protocols help deliver beneficial peptides to your body, allowing you to get back to feeling more like yourself. Adonis Peptide Protocol at LaSara Medical Group combines four unique peptides that work together to increase your energy and libido, improve muscle mass, and boost metabolism. The Adonis Peptide Protocol can be used on its own or in combination with our other Peptide Protocols to deliver anti-aging benefits, support physical performance, and improve sexual function and arousal.

Peptides are amino acids that naturally occur in the body, so the Adonis Peptide Protocol is well received by the body and can boost testosterone without triggering any negative feedback that reduces testosterone production. Here is a closer look at the peptides used in our Adonis Peptide Protocol:



GHRP-2 stimulates two receptors that naturally boost growth hormone (GH) release from the anterior pituitary. GHRP- 2 binds to the growth hormone secretagogue receptor.

PT 141

PT 141 is a unique peptide in that it stimulates the Melanocortin 4 Receptor, which is known to produce physiological responses in the body such as sexual arousal in the central nervous system and influence sexual behavior. PT-141 works via a different mechanism than drugs like Viagra and helps treat sexual arousal disorders in both men and women.

For men, benefits include:

  • Increased libido
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Stronger erections
  • Greater arousal (up to 72 hours)
  • Enhanced energy

PT 141, also called Bremelanotide (generic clinical name), is a heavily modified synthetic derivative of the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. It has been tested in clinical trials as a treatment for both male/female hypoactive sexual desire disorder and acute hemorrhage. PT-141 is an agonist for the melanocortin-4 and melanocortin-1 receptors. Research shows that it promotes sexual arousal and stimulates the immune system.


Epithalon is a modulator of telomerase, the enzyme that maintains and protects the caps at the ends of chromosomes (strands of DNA). Research suggests that Epithalon may help fight off the effects of aging, regulate levels of melatonin in the body, increase a person's resistance to stress, and normalizes cholesterol.

Semax – ACTH

Semax – ACTH derivative is a synthetic derivative of the adrenocorticotrophic hormone. Research suggests that it may help improve immune function, protect neurons, and improve cardiovascular function. It may also be beneficial in pain control and blood clotting.

Benefits of Adonis Peptide Protocol

Adonis Peptide Protocol takes a 360-degree approach to address lifestyle-related testosterone decline. Benefits of the Adonis Peptide Protocol include:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases and retains muscle mass
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Boosts serotonin and dopamine
  • Mitigating the negative side effects of stress
  • Supports healthy circadian rhythm

FAQs About Adonis Peptide Protocol

Commencing a peptide protocol is easy, safe, and convenient. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with one of our offices and discuss your goals. For the Adonis Peptide Protocol, we use a specially crafted combination of four peptides that work together to enhance each other's beneficial properties and provide the best results. If you want to improve your sex drive, increase muscle mass, restore your sleep cycles, and enjoy a life full of energy, the Adonis Peptide Protocol at LaSara Medical Group is right for you!

Peptide Protocols are currently at the forefront of advanced medical practices because of their ability to positively impact a patient's life without serious risks or invasive procedures. The human body can improve and repair itself, and peptides are often the missing ingredient to prompt the body into the optimal state of improvement and healing. Additionally, peptide protocols are easy to administer and don't require lengthy procedures.

All Peptide Protocols are generally safe and well-tolerated by both men and women and are popular options for those wanting to avoid procedures with more serious side effects. When you consult with our Peptide Protocol provider, your medical history and future goals will be carefully incorporated into your treatment plan to ensure the best results. If you'd like to find out whether you are a good candidate for our Adonis Peptide Protocol, don't hesitate to make a consultation appointment with one of our offices!

Get Back to Feeling Like Yourself

At LaSara Medical Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by men and women. With offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, our highest priority is to help you get back to feeling more like yourself. Peptide protocols at LaSara Medical Group provide a safe and effective way to support and improve your health. If you're ready to find out more about our cutting-edge peptide protocols, schedule a consultation with us today!

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