Not All Shockwaves are the Same

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Not All Shockwaves are the Same, Beware of Faulty Acoustic Wave Claims

This video addresses the many false claims surrounding acoustic shockwave therapy as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Focused and Linear shockwave therapy are both unbelieve medical treatments that are proven effective at treating ED. Unfortunately, possibly the most widespread false claim is that Acoustic Wave, Acoustic Pressure Wave or Radial Wave devices are the equivalent to Shockwave devices. This is simply not true, and there is evidence of the fact. Below is the video transcript which describes the kinds of claims that you as a patient need to be aware of when researching your ED treatment.

Video Transcript:

My name is John Snedegar, I am the Co-Founder and Clinical Director of LaSara Medical Group and I am here to tell you that NOT ALL SHOCKWAVES ARE CREATED THE SAME!

If you have erectile dysfunction and you are looking to reverse your condition, then you deserve to know the truth about the false claims of acoustic wave therapy and the medical providers that are taking advantage of men just like you. To save you from wasted time, money, and effort – watch this video as we will uncover the numerous scams claiming to do shockwave therapy.

Let me begin by stating that Focused and Linear shockwave therapy are both unbelievable medical treatments that restore a man’s natural ability to achieve and maintain an erection without medications, needles, or surgery –This treatment has been studied for over a decade all over the world and it truly reverses ED! Unfortunately, possibly the most widespread FALSE claim is that Acoustic Wave, Acoustic Pressure Wave or Radial Wave devices are the equivalent to Shockwave devices.

Again, let me be very clear, Acoustic Wave, Acoustic Pressure Wave or Radial Wave devices are NOT true Shockwave devices regardless of what many medical providers claim.

Here are two links to data which thoroughly explains the stark difference of an acoustic wave versus a shockwave.

A true shockwave travels faster than the speed of sound, literally going 1500 meters per second or the distance of 15 football fields in one second. To put this into perspective, United States F1 fighter jets travel faster than the speed of sound and create a shockwave during flight, just on a much larger scale than a treatment for ED. In comparison, Acoustic waves travel at speeds of approximately 10 meters per second, a small fraction of true shockwave. This speed does not break the sound barrier, and no actual shockwave is produced.

Unfortunately, the majority of clinics use acoustic wave therapy devices. They often call their treatment something wave, whether its Pains Wave, Main Wave, Joe Wave, or anything to differentiate themselves with.

The acoustic wave device most used is the Storz Medical D-Actor which has numerous uses in the medical field, but this type of device has not been thoroughly studied and is not proven to be effective or safe in reversing ED for the longterm.

The reason the focused shockwave device is so effective is the machine allows us to control and focus the shockwaves to such an extent we are able to pass the shockwaves through the outer erectile tissue of the penis without any effect or pain. The energy is delivered to a focus point inside the penis where the blood vessel and soft tissue degeneration has occurred. This degeneration is known as a vascular disorder and is the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Acoustic waves do not penetrate, they create surface level pressure outward causing redness and inflammation only in the outer erectile tissue not inside the penis where the rehabilitation needs to occur in order to reverse the ED.

Another critical piece to consider is the measurement of energy, sometimes called the “energy flux density” expressed in mmj per millimeter. Energy flux is defined as the amount or concentration of therapeutic energy being delivered to the damaged tissue inside the penis during treatment. This is extremely important because low energy shockwaves, typically under .27 mmj/millimeters is considered therapeutic for the regeneration of blood vessel growth. Furthermore, consistent energy to the damaged erectile tissue, depth, and focus of energy is required to reverse ED. These are variables that can be controlled during treatment with a focused and linear device. With AWT, you cannot control for these variables because the treatment requires physical pressure from the medical technician pressing the device into the penis to try an reach the desired energy and frequency ranges. Literally, the device is pancaking your penis to reach the desired measurement of bar and hertz.

While the majority of data and studies these fraudulent clinics display on their website is true what they DON’T state is that virtually all the studies used either Focused Shockwave or Linear Shockwave technology and NOT AW, APW or Radial wave.

For example, here is one of our competitors showing over 25 links to research. Now most men will see a large amount of links and think, “wow, look at all these studies, it must be a great treatment.” It is! Its a life-changing treatment, if you read the data of each study you will find under the section titled “Materials and Methods” that focused shockwaves have been used for treatment, not acoustic waves.

Pg 7616

“Using a specialized focused shockwave probe Omnispec ED1000"

Icon 133815.pdf

Pg 289

“ESWT was carried out with a DUOLITH SD1 device”

Icon 133820.pdf

Pg 4

14 studies, used “energy flux density varied from .09 to .25 mj/mm2 and the number of shock waves pulse of each treatment was between 1500 to 5000” – acoustic waves and particularly this competitors device cannot measure the energy delivered in mj/mm2, they measure based on pressure and “bar”

Icon 133821.pdf

Pg 244

“Focused shockwave source” Omnispec ED 1000

Icon 134017.pdf

Pg 191

“The storz duolith system was used for ESWT”

Icon 133822.pdf

The energy flux density was .25mj/mm2) The title is a linear focused shockwave treatment

Icon 133823.pdf

Pg 1

States ED1000 Medispec

Icon 133824.pdf

Pg 261

States use of machine and energy measured via mmj/mm2 – focused device

Icon 133825.pdf

Pg 1771

Omnispec ED1000

Icon 133826.pdf

The truth is we are not the only ones angered by the old fashion “bait and switch” tactics of acoustic wave providers. Even in Canada, there are practices also bringing this scam to light. For example, here is Sonic Wave who states (show website)…” Companies including GAINSWave™, that are providing devices and training for ED clinics across the United States are promoting “high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis”, but they are conflating this with the research that has been conducted using focused shock waves.

Practitioners and patients should be aware that the therapies promoted by GAINSWave, at least at this point, have not been proven to be clinically effective.”


Personally, I believe that most doctors offering acoustic wave therapy had their best intention in mind, but also fell into the “Bait and Switch” tactics that so many men have fallen into. Now, you can call the many “acoustic wave” providers to confirm this, but for simplicity sake, here is what the device looks like when purchased from a reputable distributor in the US.


Another very important reality you need to understand is that while having a treatment done with an APW device there is a considerable amount of pain so much so that patients need to apply a numbing cream to their penis 30 minutes prior to their treatment. And after all that hassle it still hurts!

Icon 134018.pdf

Lastly, here is one more link which confirms that numerous studies have been performed and virtually all used either Focused Shockwave or Linear Shockwave technology. (Scroll to page 6 to show devices on the screen)

Another big question is how many treatments should a man do?

LaSara has built its practice on honesty by following reputable research, clinical data, and consulting with international doctors who have used the right treatment longer than anyone in the US. One of our greatest sources comes from the European Society for Sexual Medicine and the International Society for Sexual Medicine who has come together for over 20 years to present new data in all fields of Sexual Medicine.

At this meeting, the researchers and doctors who study and provide shockwave therapy have also come out to make statements that focused and linear shockwave devices are the exact types of energy that continues to provide curative like results for men with ED. There was not a single piece of research or evidence shared in regards to acoustic wave therapy. These researchers and doctors have stated that 12 treatments should be an absolute minimum for the best results with shockwave therapy. 12 treatments or more has proven to increase effectiveness by a minimum of 18%.

We highlight this important point because at LaSara MG provide all of our patients with a comprehensive protocol of 12 treatment sessions. And we do so at a price not all that much more than the other clinics charge for 6 treatments done with a machine that is painful and ineffective.

At this point, you may be thinking… why would any men’s sexual health clinic in the US use acoustic wave therapy instead of the far more superior focused or linear shockwave device?

I’ll leave that question for you to ask your neighborhood men’s clinic and lets us know how they squirm when they try to justify their choice of technology.

To avoid wasting your money, time, and exposing yourself to an intense and painful treatment, the simple answer is to go to a clinic that utilizes the superior Focused Shockwave or Linear Shockwave technology.

There is no pain, no numbing cream, and you will have peace of mind that you are doing the right treatment.

If you’re here in So Calf hopefully you’ll choose LaSara Medical group.

Finally, you may have come across “buy your own device for at home shockwave treatment.” These scams are laughable! The device these companies are advertising are ultrasound devices that can be purchased for $150 dollars at your local Walmart.


But these at home shockwave companies are selling them to you for $1000 – not a single one of the doctors, researchers, or scientists around the world has used this device in any research for ED.

So let’s go over what we’ve discussed so far.

Point 1:

An Acoustic Wave or Acoustic Pressure Wave device is NOT a true Shockwave device regardless of what our competitors claim. ONLY focused and linear shockwaves have been studied extensively for the treatment of ED. Our competitors are misleading thousands of men to believe they are doing what the research states, but in fact are not even using the same type of energy let alone the same machine.

Point 2:

Focused and Linear shockwaves truly reverse ED because the energy can be controlled and focused on where the degenerated blood vessels and tissue is in the penis.

Point 3:

While having a treatment done with an Acoustic Pressure Wave device there is a considerable amount of discomfort, almost to the level of genuine pain.

So much so that patients need to apply a numbing cream to their penis 30 minutes prior to their treatment. And be careful not to zip your junk up in your pants when you’re done.

Point 4:

The latest data reinforces our experience, that an initial 6 treatment sessions can be somewhat effective, but the data also gives a clearer indication that additional sessions (ie:12 or more) are much more beneficial to successful outcomes. (up to 18% better). At LaSara, we offer a far more superior, tried and true treatment backed by real research.

Point 5:

If you have tried acoustic wave therapy with no resolve, we are not surprised, but there is still hope for you. Consider trying focused or linear shockwave therapy to experience the results that 10s of thousands of men have realized all over the world.

We truly hope this helpful for you in deciding to come see us in Orange County or Los Angeles or to helping you find the right provider in whatever region you may live in. Reversing ED is more than just providing a man his ability to have sex, it plays into our confidence, egos, relationships, and for that reason, we as a medical provider believe you deserve to know the truth about your options.

We wish you all the best and hope you will give us a call.