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What exactly is Low Intensity Focused Shockwave Therapy?

It is a focused shockwave treatment that is non-invasive and stimulates new blood vessel growth in the penis, which is essential for a firm and spontaneous erection. It is the only tested and proven medical treatment that has the potential to reverse a man’s ED.

How do I know if it will benefit me?

During your initial doctor’s visit, a physical evaluation will be conducted by our board certified, male physician. The two of you will discuss and conclude whether the treatment will benefit you.

How long does the treatment take and how many treatments will I need?

The treatment is performed at any of our LaSara Medical Group locations. The entire office visit takes about 30 minutes for each treatment session. Our protocol consists of 12 treatments to ensure maximum results. Each patient starts with 6 treatments to be completed over 3 to 6 weeks of time. We then wait 3 to 5 weeks to give the body time to grow new blood vessels and repair the penile tissue. Each patient has the chance to do a second round of 6 treatments after the 3 to 5 week waiting period or anytime over the following 12 months.

Is the treatment painful?

No, focused shockwave therapy is not painful and does not require any sort of anesthesia. If you are researching other shockwave treatment providers that state some of their patients do use numbing cream, then you are engaged with a provider that is using a machine not clinically studied or proven to be safe and effective.

When will I see benefits?

Every patient is different. Some men begin to experience increased sensitivity and erectile function immediately after their prescribed treatment protocol is completed. Others take up to 3-4 months before seeing a change in erectile performance. For more information, please see our clinical studies section.

How soon can I continue my normal daily function?

Immediately after the session. This is an outpatient procedure and requires no recuperation time.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved erectile function
  • Enhance sexual performance and stamina
  • Increased stimulation
  • Spontaneous and natural erections
  • Improved satisfaction and orgasm

Is this a new type of treatment for ED?

No, this type of treatment has been used for over a decade in Europe and is considered the gold standard.

How will you handle my privacy and confidentiality?

We only treat male patients and have an all-male staff that is sympathetic and understanding to the sensitivity of the issue that many men have about ED. Our appointment scheduling is meant to provide a quick in and out experience and privacy.

Is it covered by insurance or medicare?

It is not covered by Medicare, but some insurance programs may cover this type of treatment. We will provide a superbill for your insurance provider, but in most cases focused shockwave therapy is not covered by insurance.

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