Peptide Therapy in Los Angeles, Orange County, & Beyond

Peptide Therapy in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, CA

At LaSara Medical Group, we offer a variety of peptide protocols that are designed to help our patients achieve their health and life goals. Peptide protocols can be used to maximize sexual performance, physical strength, mental sharpness, speed up recovery, weightloss, sleep quality, and more. Peptides are short string amino acids, which are the “building blocks” of proteins. The human body naturally produces over 7,000 peptides that fuel the brain and body’s ability to perform at the highest degree of our potential. To implement peptides into your daily life, you are empowering your body and mind with a cutting-edge form of modern medicine that is safe and effective. Regardless of what your goals may be, there is a peptide protocol that can help you optimize your health efficiently.

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What are Peptides ?

Peptides are naturally occurring biological molecules containing two or more amino acids connected to one another by peptide bonds.

Like amino acids and proteins, peptides fuel a number of crucial processes in the body. At any given movement, there are countless peptides who serve as signaling molecules to communicate with our cells and “tell them what to do” with laser-like specificity. This communication can trigger actions like tissue repair, muscle growth, erections, sexual arousal, hormone production, cognitive function, or promote healing through the delivery of anti-inflammatory compounds. Medical advancements in understanding the function of peptides in our bodies allows for us to treat or enhance our bodies function also with laser-like specificity.

Advancements in laboratory technology have enhanced the circulatory half-lives and therapeutic potency of peptides. As a result, peptides are easily absorbed into our cells and organs which helps them enter the bloodstream quicker. Some peptides begin to create biological improvements as fast as 24-48 hours, while others take 2-3 weeks for one to feel the impact.

LaSara Medical Group has partnered with a variety of peptide specialists and pharmacies to offer specially compounded formulations of peptides. Each formulation has been tested for potency and quality, and proven to be risk free to the patient.

Over many years of research, our medical partners have discovered that peptides work best when administered together in specific combinations to enhance the synergy and effectiveness of each peptide.

What are the health benefits of peptides?

When administered correctly, peptides can offer an extensive list of benefits for men and women. Depending on the patient’s goal, we offer a comprehensive selection of peptides that have been proven to help solve medical challenges such as:

  • Improve sexual function and arrousal in men and women
  • Increase physical endurance and overall energy
  • Cognitive function
  • Decrease inflammatory cells for faster healing and pain management
  • Enhance and restore immune function
  • Increase lean muscle growth and fat burning
  • Enhance longevity and anti-aging
  • Heal Covid long haulers
  • Improve insulin sensitivity and metabolic health
  • Support injury healing and muscular or joint recovery
  • Improve sleep

If you have questions about our peptide options, schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and determine which formula is right for you. Free consultations can be scheduled here:

FAQs About Peptide Therapy

Peptide Protocols have entered the forefront of advanced medical communities because of their ability to positively impact a patient’s life safely and with little to no risk to the patient. Peptides offer men and women the extra support they need to potentially enhance their body and mind. The human body is capable of improving and repairing, peptides are often the missing ingredient to prompt the body into the optimal state of improvement and healing.

No, peptides are nothing like steroids. Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids in the body, whereas steroids are foreign and not natural. Adding peptides to your regiment of care only enhances or optimizes the body's natural function, it does not harm or negatively impact your body's natural production of peptides or hormones.

Yes, it is safe and can be effective to use two separate peptide formulas at one time. For most patients, focusing on one protocol at a time is the preferred method. Our protocols include three or more different peptides, which makes it easier for a patient to receive the benefits of several peptides in one formula.

Peptides are generally very, very safe to use and well-tolerated. The body naturally produces peptides and by administering more peptides to your system, you can only benefit. You can think of peptides as just another way to optimize performance and health the same way that fitness, massage therapy, or supplements impact your health.

Each peptide protocol is designed to help our patients meet their goals. Given the diversity of our patients, we offer protocols that help increase sexual performance, lose weight, gain muscle, increase endurance, repair injuries, amplify cognitive function, and many other use cases. We recommend you browse through our Peptide Protocols in our online shop.

The majority of our peptide formulas are administered by injecting subcutaneously using a very small insulin needle. The feeling is less than that of a mosquito bite. Some peptides can be administered via nasal spray and orally.

Yes. So long as peptides remain frozen, they do not lose their potency and will not expire even if the “expiration date” has passed. After thawing the peptide vial, this starts a 90 day window of time in which the peptide should be used. After 180 days, the peptides will lose their efficacy.

Yes, we offer tutorial videos of how to properly administer peptides. Access the how to video here: