LaSara Medical Group expands to Encinitas, San Diego!

After three years of great success in the Los Angeles and Orange County markets, LaSara Medical Group has begun its expansion into San Diego. Beginning March 16, 2021, LaSara Medical Group will open its first San Diego location in Encinitas, California. 

Our new location address:

285 N El Camino Real

Suite 117

Encinitas, CA 92024

“We are very excited about the opportunity to move further south and begin serving the many men who have wanted to come to us, but the drive distance just wasn’t feasible for them. This new office is convenient and accessible right off the 5 freeway,” as stated by Dr. DeYoung in a recent interview. 

LaSara Medical Group’s San Diego office sits in the heart of Encinitas. It is only 30 minutes from downtown San Diego, 20 minutes from Oceanside, and 30 minutes from Escondido. 

Our specialized and highly successful Focused Shockwave Therapy reverses Erectile Dysfunction and is often described in research reviews to “produce curative like results.” The treatment protocol can be completed in only six short office visits over the course of three to six weeks. Focused Shockwave Therapy is offered to men who suffer from poor blood flow and have lost their ability to achieve erections naturally. Even if you suffer from diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high cholesterol, excessive alcohol or nicotine consumption, LaSara’s treatment can help you overcome your Erectile Dysfunction. 

For the men who choose LaSara Medical Group’s Focused Shockwave Therapy, they are presented the opportunity to regain their natural and spontaneous erections. Our treatment is drug free, needle free, and surgery free. 

When LaSara Medical Group started its operation in 2017, it was the first medical practice to offer Focused Shockwave Therapy. Today, we have completed over ten thousand treatments for countless men. Our experience has allowed us the opportunity to refine our protocol and determine what presents our patients the greatest chance of overcoming their Erectile Dysfunction. 

As we continue our expansion, we promise to hold true to our honest and forthright approach to providing a superior experience for our patients that is research based and safe. We believe that regaining your sex life is a crucial component to a happy and healthy life style. 

If you have any questions about Erectile Dysfunction and our treatment, we encourage you to contact us at (949) 520-1551 or set up a free consultation to determine if what we offer is right for you.