LaSara Medical Group’s very own patient named Larry tells his story of how he began experiencing Erectile Dysfunction as an outcome of treating his prostate cancer with radiation. As a cancer survivor and now successfully treated patient of LaSara, he is back to having erections again. He tells his story on how its impacted his life and shares advice for other prostate cancer survivors experiencing ED.



Jeffrey and Michelle, one of LaSara Medical Group’s successfully treated couples who could not wait to share their story with others. In this video, they talk about how Erectile Dysfunction negatively impacted their relationship and ability to connect emotionally and physically. Since treatment, they are beyond satisfied with the results and encourage anyone else who is experiencing ED to give LaSara Medical Group a shot!



Everett shares his story of surviving Prostate cancer and dealing with erectile dysfunction. He tried just about everything before learning about LaSara’s focused shockwave therapy. After being treated with our 12 treatment protocol, he is finally back to having full erections and a restored level of confidence.



Sam is a changed man! Listen to his testimonial to hear about his success. He was considering doing a penile implant, but after focused shockwave therapy, he was able to avoid surgery and get back to have erections once again. And it was done with no medication, needles, or surgery.



For privacy reasons, Frank has asked to remain anonymous. Listen to his story as it is amazing! 74 years old and back to a natural sex life after 3 years of erectile dysfunction!



Grace is a loving wife of one of LaSara Medical Group’s successfully treated patients. Listen to her story about bringing her husband into our men’s sexual health clinic and how her husband reversed his Erectile Dysfunction. No Viagra, Cialis, or injections needed. They’re back to spontaneous intimacy again!



For nearly a decade, Wesley was unable to achieve an erection, but now that he’s gone through LaSara Medical Group’s focused shockwave therapy, he’s renewed and fully functional.



Skylar, age 28, was happy with this sex life and didn’t think there was room for improvement, until he tried focused shockwave therapy. Listen to Skylar as he recounts his experience with LaSara and the results he’s received during treatment



Ryan, age 30, talks about his profound experience with focused shockwave therapy. He is happily reporting improved erections, the ability to have sex multiple times in one setting, a boosted confidence, and overall better sex



LaSara Medical Group’s patient, Robert, has experienced amazing results with our focused shock wave therapy. After a series of treatments, he is back to having a natural sex life again.


“These guys are Pros. no pills, no empty promises. Just rational, scientific treatment that cannot avoid helping.” – Maurice, 69


“Dr. DeYoung and his medical staff went above and beyond to care for me. I am 100% satisfied with my experience and my ED was successfully reversed with the shock wave treatments. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Clean and comfortable office. Plus, they greeted me with a fresh coffee every visit. Thank you LaSara, I’ve already referred several friends to your clinic.” -Stephen, 68


“The staff was very respectful and private.  The process was explained in detail.” -Paul, age 67


“Staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Doctor made me feel very comfortable and listened to my needs. Starting to see early results from treatment. Office nice, ESPN on, felt comfortable.” -Mike, 72


“The team at LaSara asked me to provide a review once I got results, so here I am. No better way to say it than, I am back in action! Great experience all around. Especially appreciated the doctors time. Getting this thing in order helped me improve other aspect of my health. Lost 20 pounds and started eating better. ” -Charles, 55


“Life changing positive experience. We laugh at the thought of ED until we experience it ourselves. I’m forever thankful for the LaSara team – Dale, Yeon, John, and Dr DeYoung. Their shockwave treatment works wonders. I did the 12 treatment protocol and saw results about half way through. Since then it’s only gotten better. Nice office and environment too, which goes a long way when you have to come in multiple times.”  -Jake, 52


“I am so glad I opted to be treated by LaSara. When I heard about their treatment from a mutual friend, I was intrigued because I was not necessarily suffering from severe ED issues but I was interested in the treatment as a tool to enhance my sex life. The shockwave therapy not only helped any issues with ED I was having, it also increased my sexual performance in the bedroom significantly enough that it was noticed by my partner. Especially as a younger guy it’s never comfortable talking to your doctor about this kind of stuff but John and the team made me feel comfortable from the initial phone consult throughout the duration of all of my sessions. They were great at accommodating my busy schedule allowing me to pursue treatment at both locations without an issue. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my investment and i’ve recommended LaSara to numerous friends and family members.”  -Ryan, 31


“LaSara is changing the game for men with ED. I can’t say enough about my experience. Dr. Taekman was gracious and comforting, and his staff was more than educated on men’s health. I elected to do the shockwave treatment and have experienced better than expected results. Before coming in, I was getting worried about pills not working anymore. Today, I don’t have to use pills at all. Highly recommend this treatment to any man dealing with this issue. ” -Chase, 33


“To be honest this is not a subject I EVER feel comfortable talking about, but my experience was so life changing I had to write a review. After hearing about LaSara on the radio, I decided to give them a call. After a brief phone call I went into LaSara for a consultation. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and how comfortable they made me feel. After my consultation I decided to move forward with the shock wave therapy treatment and it has been noting but a blessing since. I am finally feeling comfortable in bed again! If you are on the fence, don’t be…  “ -James, 48

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