The Scam Surrounding Shockwave Therapy

When it comes to erectile dysfunction and ED therapy in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, shockwave therapy is all the rage. However, there is a plethora of misinformation about shockwave therapy that leads many patients astray, causing them to sign up for treatments that turn out to be different than what they had originally thought.

One of the biggest false claims surrounding ED therapy techniques is that acoustic wave, acoustic pressure wave or radial wave devices are the same thing as shockwave devices. The truth is, they are not!

However, there are many U.S. clinics that use machines such as acoustic pressure wave or radial wave technology to try to treat ED. The bottom line: an acoustic wave or acoustic pressure wave device is not a true shockwave device and these devices have not been clinically studied to be effective or safe.

Levels of Discomfort

If you are getting a treatment that uses acoustic pressure wave technology, you may experience a considerable amount of discomfort, to the point where it is painful. This pain still occurs even after wearing numbing cream for 30 minutes! For treatment methods that utilize focused shockwave therapy or linear shockwave technology, absolutely no numbing cream is needed because the treatment does not cause discomfort or pain.

Effectiveness of Treatment

All shockwave therapy research for erectile dysfunction has been done using focused and linear shockwave devices. Their energy travels faster than the speed of sound, thus why it is a “shock” and why blood vessel growth occurs with treatment. Without this energy, the desired result cannot be achieved. Acoustic and pressure wave energy does not stimulate blood vessel growth, it only mimics inflammation due to the intensity of the treatment.

Don’t Lose Your Money

ED therapy in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are best left to a group of professionals. If you do a quick internet search, you may find websites that offer “shockwave” devices for $1000 or for a monthly payment of $89 to be used in your own home. The funny thing about these claims is the same device they are marketing is, in fact, an ultrasound device and can be purchased at a Walmart for under $150.

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